In this article I decided to make a comparison of individual bosses, which we had to face during the entire Battle for Azeroth add-on. It took me a long time to figure out how to do the whole comparison and what to evaluate in it. In the end I'm inclined to consider relying on the descriptions of all the first, penultimate and last bosses, because it's in their case that we're able to reliably assess and compare the level of difficulty, as well as any advantages or disadvantages of the fights. 

The categories in which the bosses will be judged are:

  • The atmosphere of the fight itself, the look of the boss, how the mechanics fit into the raid style, etc.
  • Overall evaluation of the mechanics and how they worked.
  • Fun, or the feeling I had when I approached a boss again, and whether I enjoyed the fight.
  • Healing rating, because I've dealt with healing throughout Legion and Battle for Azeroth, it's a very important part of every fight for me, as well as one of the main factors determining whether I like a fight or not.

The Crucible of Storms raid bosses are classified by me as the penultimate and final raid bosses, as Blizzard has set their difficulty level as the bosses equivalent to Stormwall and Jaina.

Even before moving on, I should point out that the ranking is for Heroic level bosses. I am not a Mythic player, and thus have not raided that difficulty level, except for maybe a few Uldir bosses. 


TALOC (Uldir)

CLIMATE: Warden of an ancient titan outpost. Possessed by the prisoner he was supposed to be guarding, he looks really good. Beautiful golden armor, a huge two-handed mace and a red color scheme showing Taloc's warped nature. In addition, the location of the fight on the elevator leading to the center of the titans' outpost, and especially the lasers present in the Heroic level during the descent, gave the fight a really cool atmosphere.

Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: As befits a first boss, Taloc doesn't show us much. Honestly, we only have to deal with two skills, very simple in the first phase, and a few addons that don't do anything else besides damage. On top of that, the only minor inconvenience is dodging lasers - I think this boss may have disappointed many players. Rating: 2/5

FUN: I won't elaborate - for me, this fight is simply an unpleasant necessity, necessary to kill further bosses. Rating: 1/5

HEALING: The moments when the boss performs Cudgel of Gore require some healing, but other than that the fight has nothing to stress healers with. Rating: 2/5


CHAMPION OF THE LIGHT (Battle for Dazar'alor)

CLIMATE: It didn't blow me away. Probably because I play Horde and the sight of Dazar'alor makes me nauseous already, or maybe it was caused by the fact that Dark Iron Dwarf doesn't fit me as a champion of Light. However, for the Covenant it could look a lot more interesting, because attacking the port of our enemy's allies, killing their hero - that could definitely appeal to Covenant players. What's more, the motive of firing so-called Paladin's Wings to increase damage was a good idea. Rating: 3/5

MECHANICS: Much more interesting than in Taloc. We have addys with actual, even very relevant abilities that we have to counter accordingly. There are alternating phases when we attack only the boss or only the addy, which is a very big leap forward. On the other hand, the boss itself doesn't have much to offer us, except Wave of Light and enhancing adds. Rating: 4/5

TOUGH: Like Taloc, this boss is an unpleasant chore rather than an original experience. Rating: 1/5

LESSON: Terribly boring. Only tactics that involve ignoring adds and bursting the boss itself keep us occupied. Rating: 3/5 



CLIMATE: Better than Champions of the Light, but unfortunately worse than Taloc. The appearance of the battlefield definitely stirs the imagination, as it looks like an arena for gladiators. The boss also looks good, as the combination of spider legs and Naga body was really spectacular for Blizzard. However, I can not explain exactly what is the reason for my dislike for the unusual combination of skills of this boss. Frost and poison magic somehow clashes with Silvarra's aesthetics. Rating: 4/5

MECHANICS: The combat is much more mechanically complex and brutally punishing of mistakes. We haven't seen a first boss like this in a long time. If I complained about skills in the climate, I applaud thunderously in this section. The idea of separating players and changing their auras is really innovative, but by far the coolest theme is the Heroic skill. If you don't move with the aura of frost, you are punished by freezing your character. Moving while poisoned, on the other hand, makes the poison spread through your body faster. Rating: 5/5

FUN: The combat provided excitement. Even in the cleanup stage of Heroic, there were times when you had to focus and at times exert yourself. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: There is definitely a lot to do. This is the type of fight where one person's mistake can take 20% of the life of an entire raid, and it's easy to make mistakes in this fight. Rating: 4/5


WRATHION (Ny'alotha The Waking City)

CLIMATE: I'm honestly disappointed with the combat climate. Even before patch 8.3, when I saw the enemy list and our dragon friend on it. I kept wondering how this would happen and how he would be fooled. While I avoided spoilers, I was a bit surprised that nothing significant happened in the 8.3 campaign. Going into the raid, I was still searching for answers, but oh this is Wrathion standing in front of me and turning into a dragon. I know, it was just a vision followed by the real Wrathion suddenly appearing next to us, but it didn't stick a bit. Apart from that, the look of the platform wasn't crazy, the background was also extremely ordinary and without any fireworks. But Black Dragon himself looked really majestic. Papa Deathwing would be proud. Rating: 3/5

MECHANICS: Things are definitely more interesting here. The bar set by Sivarra was maintained by Wrathion. The motif of magma-covered earth, dragon scales to destroy; it felt like a dragon fight. On top of that, the game was very, very punishing of mistakes. The damage, for a first Heroic boss, is immense. Even professional raiders who fight for World First Mythic had a wipe on the first boss, which doesn't happen often. Rating: 5/5

FUN: Similar to the previous boss, I had a lot of fun during the fight. There was something going on all the time, full focus and the most important thing, which is fun from the beginning to the end of the fight. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: This is probably the first most demanding boss for healers. There were very few rest breaks in there. Rating: 5/5




CLIMATE: The atmosphere of the battle deserves recognition. After this raid, I've had enough of titan architecture, which somehow does not appeal to me, so what Mythrax arena shows us is a pleasant departure. The visual part is always a plus, skill animations and the boss model itself does not disappoint. Rating: 4/5

MECHANICS: On the one hand, an interesting idea for a mechanic like Annihilation. It requires careful play and paying attention to tactics. On the other hand, abilities like Oblivion Sphere, which are more annoying than challenging. Rating: 3/5

FUN: This is a fight whose difficulty is based on high damage to the raid rather than doing challenging activities, good chemistry and communication. All of which makes me not a fan of this boss. Rating: 2/5

HEALING: There was a lot to work with. We had to work a little harder to keep the team alive. Rating: 4/5


STORMWALL BLOCKADE (Battle for Dazar'alor)

CLIMATE: I don't like boring, static bosses that we fight all the time in one arena, so Stormwall Blockade gets a big plus for the movement element. Here, in order to defeat the main boss, which blocks our access to Jaina, we have to first invade the ships of two "mages", who strengthen the beast, and kill them. The combat is meant to show us the sea people of Stormsong Valley, hence the ships, mermaids and algae that create a great atmosphere. Rating 5/5

MECHANICS: Each ship has a unique skill set, plus the bosses themselves have a lot to show too; complex and intricate, which definitely deserves its own rating. Rating: 5/5

FUN: This is exactly what the likes of Mythrax didn't have. The boss proves that you can combine high damage with interesting mechanics and make them work well together. I had a lot of fun while fighting this boss. Rating: 5/5

HEALING: It doesn't disappoint either, especially Katharina's ship, which is very challenging for healers. We have to prove ourselves during the clash with Laminaria, and the closer we get to the end of the fight, the harder it becomes. Rating: 5/5


RESTLESS CABAL (Crucible of Storms)

CLIMATE: Maintained in Stormsong Valley and Shrine of the Storm is brilliant. The perfect combination of nature, depth, and ambient lighting harmonizing with the aesthetics of the worship of the Old Gods. I can't help it, I'm a fan! Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: The main mechanic is 3 artifacts. Bosses don't have demanding skills, but these artifacts are enough to make the fight harder and more interesting. Also, the idea of a boss being tanked by ranged dps is innovative. Rating: 4/5

FUN: A concrete fight, during which a lot happens. You have to know skills, look at timers, prepare cooldowns, take the right tactics and communicate. Definitely a well done boss. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: The main difficulty of this fight is healing Tempest Caller, but it's not very challenging. Rating: 3/5