ActiBlizzWalkout: Protests at Blizzard, WoW players join in virtually


Activision Blizzard employees are fed up with management's hair-trigger response to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing's filing of a lawsuit regarding allegations of misogyny, harassment, and discrimination. That's why they're organizing a protest rally at Blizzard's Irvine campus under the hashtag #ActiBlizzWalkout, which will be held on the evening of July 28, 2021 at 7 p.m. (our time) and will last for three hours. For those unable to attend the protest, organizers are encouraging people to use the hashtag #ActiBlizzWalkout and the blue heart emoji on social media.

Four demands to the management

With the protests, the employees want to push through four demands that should enable fair cooperation in the company now and in the future. These are the following points:

  1. Eliminate mandatory arbitration clauses in all current and future employment contracts. Arbitration clauses protect perpetrators and limit victims' ability to seek redress
  2. The introduction of policies for the recruitment, interviewing, hiring and promotion of staff at all levels, agreed by staff in a company-wide diversity, equality and inclusion organisation. Current practices have resulted in women, particularly women of color and transgender women, non-binary people, and other marginalized groups vulnerable to gender discrimination, not being hired fairly for new roles compared to men
  3. Publish data on relative compensation (including equity and profit sharing), promotion rates, and pay ranges for employees of all genders and ethnicities in the company. Current practices have resulted in the above groups not being fairly remunerated or promoted.
  4. Commission a company-wide Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Working Group with the engagement of a third party to review ABK's reporting structure, HR and senior management. It is imperative to determine the extent to which current systems have failed to prevent employee harassment and propose new solutions to address these issues.

By the way, the employees don't have to fear any financial repercussions for their protest, as Bloomberg's Jason Schreier tweets. Blizzard will pay the people despite the work stoppage.

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Virtual protest by players

To support the employees of Activision Blizzard and to make a statement, WoW players are organizing their own virtual protest. For those who want to join in: on July 28, 2021, players will gather on their servers starting at 18:00 in the Oribos portal room. Then at 7:00pm, when the protest begins in Irvine, all players are to log out.

The organizers ask that you disable war mode.

With this mass logout.

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